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After eating fruit* Mehmet watches TV for some time. At five o’clock**, his father comes home. His father is a worker. They have dinner. Then Mehmet usually goes to his room and does his homework. It takes an hour. Mehmet goes to the living room at seven o’clock. He talks to his parents and his sister. This is an important hour for the family because they are all together and they can talk to each other about their days and problems. At the same time, they drink tea. Usually they don’t have serious problems.

Sometimes Mehmet’s mother, Mrs. Gülsoy, seems tired after a long day’s work. She doesn’t have a job. Her work is at home. She does the cooking and cleaning of the house. In other words, she is a housewife. However, working at home is sometimes more difficult and tiring than working in an office***.

Mehmet’s sister is not a student. She is five years old. She is too young to go to school****. So, she is at home during the day. Sometimes she goes to the garden and plays with other children there. She is lovely. Everybody loves her.

At half past eight Mehmet goes back to his room. He reviews the day’s school work. He repeats his lessons. At half past nine Mehmet reads some story books. His favorite writers are Ömer Seyfettin and Ayşe Kulin. He reads for an hour. Then he studies tomorrow’s lessons. At about 11 pm his work is finished and he goes to bed. He feels happy and tranquil because he knows that he is a good boy and a good student.


*After eating fruit = After Mehmet eats fruit (meyve yedikten sonra)

**Bu cümlenin bir zaman ifadesiyle başladığına dikkat ettiniz mi? Zaman ve yer ifadeleri için cümlede kesin bir yer yoktur. Ama her zamanki öğe düzenimiz sabittir (ÖZNE + FİİL +NESNE)(bakınız 1 numaralı kural)

***working at home = evde çalışmak. Görüldüğü gibi working kelimesi burada mastar. Ve bu haliyle cümlenin öznesi olarak kullanılmış.

***more difficult and tiring =daha zor ve yorucu

****too young to go to school =okula gitmek için fazla genç (yani çok küçük)


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