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          Lions live in groups. Among cats, only lions live in groups. Other cats don’t live in groups. These groups are called “prides”*. A pride is a lion family. These families usually have three males, twelve females, and their children (cubs). A female lion is called a lioness. All lionesses in a family are related, that is, they are cousins, aunts, or sisters of each other. Female cubs do not leave the family when they get older. On the contrary, they stay with the family. However, male cubs leave the family when they get older. They establish their own family.

          Male lions have big hair on their head. This hair is called “mane”. Because of** their manes, male lions look big and impressive, and more frightening. Male lions are the soldiers of the family. Soldiers defend their people’s land. And male lions defend their family’s land, just like soldiers. Their land is 259 km2. This is a very big area. Male lions mark this area with urine. They also roar . When other animals hear their roar***, they are afraid and run away.

          Male lions are soldiers. Female lions also have their job: they are hunters. Female lions usually work together when they catch antelopes, zebras and other big animals. All these animals are very fast. In fact, they are often faster than lionesses. So, teamwork is necessary.

          When the hunt is over, group work is over, too. All the members of the lion family try to get a share of the kill. Males eat more, cubs eat less. Cubs do not help hunting when they are babies. But when they are a year old they begin hunting, too. Lions hunt in groups but they also hunt alone when they want to catch a small animal. They are also thieves. They steal from other animals such as**** hyenas and wild dogs.

          Lions are famous for their courage and strength. In the past, there were lions everywhere in Africa and in parts of Asia and Europe. However, today they live only in parts of Africa and India.
A simplified version of the original text at National Geographic

*…are called prides =Their names are prides

He is called John =His name is John=He is John

**”because of” ve “because”

“because” bir cümleden once gelir; “because of” ise burada da görüldüğü gibi bir isimden veya isim grubundan once gelir.

***When other animals hear their roar =Diğer hayvanlar onların kükremesini duyduğunda

****such as = mesela (for example)


Aşağıdaki soruları parçaya göre cevaplayınız.

1)     What is a pride?

2)     How many females are there in a lion family?

3)     What is a lioness?

4)     Why do male lions roar?

5)     Why do lions work together when catching zebras and antelopes?

6)     Do you think lions are real kings?


Altı çizili sözcükler neye işaret ediyor?

1)     they, satır 6:

2)     they, satır 8:

3)     this, satır 13:

4)     they, satır 15:

5)     they, satır 18:

6)     they, satır 22:

male x female
erkek x dişi
tam tersine
Male lions look impressive with their manes
These two lions look really frightening
Turkish soldiers
Lions are powerful hunters
takım çalışması
Lions live in groups but this lion is alone.
This man is a thief.
Hyenas are thieves, too.
strength = power
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