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It was a rainy day. Harry didn’t go to school. His mother didn’t allow him. “It is cold. If you go to school, you will get cold” she said. Harry wasn’t unhappy about it.

Harry had a powerful computer. He liked playing games. He didn’t need friends. He played with the computer instead of friends. That day he played Age of Empires. It was a very exciting game. He played for an hour. Then he got up and walked in the house for five minutes. He wasn’t allowed to sit in front of the computer more than an hour. “It is no good for you” his mother often said. Theirs was a big detached house. It was a two-storey building. Harry’s room was on the second floor. He went downstairs. His mother was in the kitchen. She was cooking lunch for the family. Harry’s father, Mr. Bliss would soon arrive home. Everyday he came home at the same time for lunch. Harry was their only child. Now he was waiting for his father. While waiting, he wanted to spend the time talking with his mother.


-Mum; how did you meet father?

--Well; we grew up in the same street. We were neighbors. We often played games when we were children. Then one day he said that he loved me, that he wanted to marry me. I said, “Go and ask my father”

-Did you love him, mum? Did you want to marry him?

--Yes, I did.

-Then, why didn’t you tell him so? Why did you tell him to go to my grandfather?

--Because I was shy. Moreover, it is not proper for a girl to seem willing to marry.

-Was father worried when you didn’t say yes?

--No, he wasn’t. He was expecting it. In fact, he would be surprised if I said “yes”.

-That is interesting.


Now it was 12.15 and Mr. Bliss arrived for lunch as usual. Lunch was delicious. Mrs. Bliss was a good cook. Mr. Bliss thanked her for the meal. Then he asked Harry,

-Harry, how was school today?

--I don’t know, dad.

-What do you mean?

--I didn’t go to school.

-Why not?

--I didn’t go to school because mother said it was cold and I could get cold.

-You could wear your coat. It would keep you warm.


Then Mrs. Bliss answered him.

-Yes dear. But these days people are very sensitive to cold, especially children at Harry’s age. This is why I didn’t let him go to school.

--Well. We must see Mr. Bunburry, his teacher, and explain him that Harry didn’t go to school because we didn’t send him for fear of cold. Otherwise he will think that it is Harry’s fault.

-You are right.


Then Mr. Bliss left hurriedly because he had little time for lunch. He didn’t want to be late for work. His boss wasn’t a very good man.


After his father was gone, Harry went upstairs to his room. He sat at his desk. He thought about his family. He loved his family. He thought about his future. “Will I have a family like this when I grow up?” he asked himself. Then he began to write in his diary. Here is what he wrote:

Dear diary;

I love my family. One day I will be a big man like my father. Then I will have a wife and then children. But I will find a good job first. In order to find a good job, I must go to university.

Tomorrow when I go to school and I am going to talk to Jane. I’m going to tell her that I love her. Then I will say “Will you marry me?”. Like my mother, she will say “Go to my father and ask him.” After that I will go to his father. I’ll tell him that I love his daughter and I want to marry her. He will say, “Well, Harry. You are good boy. You can marry my daughter. But first you must grow up and find a job. You are too young to marry now.” I will say, “You are right, Mr. Edward.”

One day in the future, when I am old enough, I and Jane will get married. Then we will have a son. I will give him my father’s name. Soon he will be old enough to go to school. He will be a hardworking and successful student, of course. Then, on a cold winter’s day, his mother won’t allow him to go to school because…

At that word, he fell asleep. When his mother came, she found him sleeping on the desk. She smiled. Then she secretly read his diary. When she saw his plans for tomorrow, she ran out of the room and began to laugh.


1.      Why didn’t Harry go to school?

2.      Was Harry allowed to go to school?

3.      Did Harry play with his friends?

4.      Why did he stop playing?

5.      What was Harry’s mother doing?

6.      Did Mrs. Bliss say “yes” when Mr. Bliss proposed to marry her? Why or why not?

7.      Was Mr. Bliss surprised when she didn’t accept his proposal?

8.      Why does Mr. Bliss want to talk to Mr. Bunburry?

9.      Who does Harry love?



There are some definitions below. Find the words that match these definitions in text.

1.      Their house (2nd paragraph):

2.      Not an apartment (2nd paragraph):

3.      People whose houses are near each other (dialogue between Harry and Mrs. Bliss):

4.      Afraid of people (dialogue between Harry and Mrs. Bliss):

5.      Good to eat (after the first dialogue):

6.      If we don’t (dialogue between Mr and Mrs Bliss):



Underline the subject, verb and object in the following sentences

1.      “It is no good for you” his mother often said


2.      That day he played Age of Empires


3.      Mother said it was cold

=hevesli, istekli
=uygun, münasip
=teklif etmek
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