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         Some camels have two humps, some onehump. Arabian camels have one hump. Their hump is very useful for them. It stores 36 kilos of fat. When a camel is hungry and thirsty, that fat turns into water and food for him. So, camels travel long distances ( 161 km) without water. Moreover, camels do not sweat much. So, they keep the water for a long time. We need a lot of water in the summer because we sweat a lot; but camels don’t sweat much even in the desert and therefore they don’t need a lot of water. They can live in desert for several weeks without water.

           When camels find water, however, they drink a lot of it. They drink 135 liters of water in 13 minutes.

           Camels have special abilities. For example, their nostrils close when there is storm in the desert, so that they keep the sand out. They also have bushy eyebrows and long eyelashes. These protect their eyes from sand. Their big and strong lips are good for them because with these lips they eat dry and thorny desert vegetables. They walk easily along desert and rocky terrain because their feet are big and thick.

           Arabian camels are domestic animals. People use them for their needs. Camels carry loads for 40 km a day.

           In some countries, camels are a symbol of wealth. Rich people have more camels. In other words, the more camels you have, the richer you are.

*(A simplified version of the original text at National Geographic)

Parçayla ilgili aşağıdaki soruları cevaplayınız

1)     What are humps for?

2)     Why do we drink a lot of water in the summer?

3)     Why don’t we drink a lot of water in the winter?

4)     How much water can a camel drink in 13 minutes?

5)     Why are camels’ eyelashes very long?

6)     Why do camels have big and strong lips?

7)     Are camels wild animals?

8)     Are camels a symbol of wealth in Turkey?


Zamir soruları:altı çizili zamirler hangi isimlerin yerine kullanılmıştır?

1)     them, satır 2:

2)     it, satır 2:

3)     it, satır 9:

4)     these, satır 13:

5)     them, satır 14:

6)     them, satır 18:


turn into (v) = become
çöl fırtınası
thirsty (adj) If you are thirsty, you want to drink water. (susamış)
sweat (v): When you work hard, you sweat. When it is very hot, you sweat. (terlemek)
three or four or five
"Several children are playing football."
ability (n): kabiliyet, üstün nitelik
nostril (n): burun deliği
desert storm
çöl fırtınası
Umbrellas protect people from rain.
Thorn (n)
thorny (adj)
domestic x wild
Sheep, dogs, cats, and camels are domestic animals
but lions, elephants and wolves are wild animals
This camel is carrying a car
wealth (n) = zenginlik
wealthy (adj)=rich
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